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  1. These tricks are nearly 15 years old

    You may be emailing the same person with different email addresses and not even realize it. Use these tricks to dedupe your email lists and save your domain reputation.

  2. This trick predates browser plugins and can still be used

    As Google's new extension changes loom, we take a look at a classic trick that can still be used in 2023. This can be used to easily find email addresses and phone numbers on LinkedIn.

  3. Browser extensions are about to be shaken up

    Google's upcoming browser extension change is going to affect most extensions. This post will cover the upcoming changes and what you should expect.

  4. A look at our plugin's permission requirements

    Ever wonder what an extension's permissions are used for? In this blog post we take a look at our browser plugin's required permissions and explain why we require them.

  5. How to find email addresses for LinkedIn profiles

    InMails are expensive. Finding email addresses can be time consuming, but it doesn't have to be. Nymeria makes locating a person's email on LinkedIn a breeze.

  6. All new data, search, automatic reveals and more

    A look at product progress in Q3, 2022. New features include an all new data set, search platform, automatic browser plugin reveals, new SDKs and more.

  7. Recruiting and sourcing developers on GitHub

    This post will help you quickly find and evaluate developers on GitHub using a few simple tricks.

  8. How to find email addresses for most GitHub users

    A few tricks you can easily use to find almost anyone's GitHub email address!

  9. LinkedIn's war on browser extensions

    We have taken an in-depth look at how LinkedIn detects browser extensions and go over how we designed Nymeria to not pose any risk to your LinkedIn account.