A new data source and filters.

A look at API updates in November, 2023.

What's New?

Here are some key highlights:

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A New Data Source

In an effort to improve our data quality and coverage we have added a new supported data source. We now support lookups for all Dev profiles. In total, we have collected over 1.2 million Dev user profiles.

At minimum, the Dev data includes such fields as:

However, most Dev profiles includes the full person profile which includes:

In the coming months we will be adding additional data sources and data updates to increase our overall email and phone number coverage.

Search Filters

A much requested feature for our people search API has been released. You can now filter people by the kinds of emails we have in our database. For example, you can return only people with personal emails, professional emails or either.

This update makes it easier to only consume credits for the kinds of people and data you want. We continue to listen to feedback and update our service to better fit the needs of our users.

For a complete look at our API you can check out documentation on our developers page.

Got feedback or ideas?

We have always valued user feedback and leveraged feedback to improve our product and service. Nymeria's success has come from listening to our users and shaping the product our users want and need. If you have any feedback or ideas, we absolutely want to hear about it. You can reach out to us anytime.

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