All new data, search, automatic reveals and more

All new data, search, automatic reveals and more

A look at product progress in Q3, 2022.

What's New?

Here are some key highlights:

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Updated Dataset

Our data keeps getting better. We have refreshed our dataset. Our dataset has gone from 260 million unique people profiles in 2021 to over 540 million unique people in 2022. We have also expanded our dataset to include additional fields such as:

We have released the ability to directly search our database of people profiles. You can use a number of different search inputs such as name, title, company, and skills to discover your ideal individuals.

All users can perform an unlimited number of searches. Searching does not consume any credits. You will only consume a credit if you click on a search result and unlock the person's contact details (such as their email address, phone number or social links).

The search functionality works well with our folders feature. You can now add people to folders from the browser plugin or after unlocking their information via the search feature.

A demo of our search platform showing people search results.

Automatic Reveals

A much requested feature has landed. You can now disable the browser plugin data previews. If disabled, you will automatically reveal contact information when you click the badge icon. This feature is entirely optional. By default we show a preview of the contact information and you need to manually unlock the information by clicking the unlock button.

You can disable data previews on your account settings page. Once disabled, your browser plugin will no longer show a preview of the contact information and will instead unlock the data immediately.

A look at our data previews and saving a person to a folder.

Reverse Lookups

Most users come to Nymeria with social media links such as a LinkedIn URL. Given the URL they want to locate contact information such as email addresses or phone numbers. That is our primary use case, but we often have people ask us if they can give us an email address and locate a person's social media links or additional contact information. We call those "reverse lookups" and they are now supported in our web platform's enrichment features and our V3 enrichment API.

Reverse lookups are incredibly handy to update stale contact information. If you haven't already, check it out!

Smart Bulk Enrichment

Our users have had a lot of success with our bulk enrichment feature. An often requested enhancement was to add the ability to only enrich spreadsheet rows if Nymeria has email addresses of phone numbers. We have listened to your feedback.

We have added an option on our bulk enrichment form. If checked, Nymeria will only enrich spreadsheet rows if contact information is found for that row. Otherwise, Nymeria may enrich the row with biographic data and social links which may or may not be what you need or want. This gives you more control over the data you receive and how you spend your Nymeria credits.

A bulk enrichment form showing the new smart options.

Two New SDKs

We have added two new officially supported SDKs. The new SDKs are for Python and JavaScript. You can find them here.

At this time we have four officially supported SDKs. The officially supported languages are Python, JavaScript, Ruby and Golang. Of course, we have a public API as well.

Fine Grain API Controls

A much requested feature for our enrichment API has been fine grain data controls. We have now added fine grain data controls to our V3 enrichment API. The new data controls enable you to require specific data and/or filter out certain data.

For example, you can require personal emails, work emails or phone numbers. You can also filter out unwanted data. For example you can filter out phone numbers and work emails if you're only interested in personal emails and social links. This gives you the power to specify the kind of data you want and not spend credits on data you may not need.

You can learn more about the data controls on our developers page.

API Search Functionality

Since we have released a search feature on our web platform we have added search functionality to our public API and all of our SDKs. Our API for search works similar to our web platform. You can search for certain criteria and preview the search results. You can then unlock which ever search results you want. You only consume credits for each search result you unlock.

You can check out the search API on our developers page.

Got feedback or ideas?

We have always valued user feedback and leveraged feedback to improve our product and service. Nymeria's success has come from listening to our users and shaping the product our users want and need. If you have any feedback or ideas, we absolutely want to hear about it. You can reach out to us anytime.

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