Easily find emails on Gitlab for free

A simple trick to find Gitlab user email addresses in seconds.


Gitlab is a source forge used by companies and individual developers to store code and collaborate on projects. Gitlab is mainly used as an alternative to its much larger competitor, Github.

In the past we wrote a blog post about how to find email addresses for developers on Github. This blog post is a continuation of that idea but applied to Gitlab. Within this blog post you will learn a simple trick you can use to find a Gitlab user's email address.

Sourcing Gitlab Users

First and foremost you need a free Gitlab account to use the site's search feature. We recommend creating an account and then visiting the search page.

The Gitlab search page. Useful for finding developers.

Once on the search page you can narrow your search down to users based on a full text search. Basic boolean operations are available. When you locate a user of interest simply click on their repository name to be taken to a repository page.

Locating Commits

Once a project page has been found you need to locate a commit (code change) for the repository. A commit can have any author so it is best to make sure the name of the commit author matches the individual you are targeting. You can simply click on the commit message to be taken to the commit view.

A user's repository page on Gitlab.

The commit view is not interesting on its own but this view is required for the email reveal. In order to reveal the person's email address you need to take the address from the browser's URL bar and add ".patch" to the URL and hit enter.

In other words, this


Once you load the URL with ".patch" suffix you will be taken to the diff view. Within the diff view you can see the commit author, email address and commit message.

A commit patch view with a person's email.

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