A look at our plugin's permission requirements

What's required and why?

Our Plugin

Our browser plugin is available on the Chrome web store and the Firefox web store. In an effort to create an unobtrusive browser plugin we keep our required permissions to the bare minimum. The following permissions are currently requested by our plugin:

What is "Active Tab" permission?

The Active Tab permission is used by plugins to access the current browser tab URL. The current URL is only accessible for the currently focused tab and only if you click the browser plugin's badge icon (the icon on the browser bar). This is the only required permission for our browser plugin.

Nymeria's plugin uses the active tab permission to send the current URL to Nymeria's API to look up the contact information for the profile URL. For example, if you are visiting a LinkedIn profile and click the Nymeria badge, our plugin will send the current LinkedIn profile URL to our API and retrieve the person's contact information.

Why does Nymeria request access to specific websites?

At this time, our plugin can look up contact information for LinkedIn profiles, Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles and Github profiles.

Our plugin requests website specific permissions in order to automatically check for contact information while browsing our supported websites. When our browser plugin finds contact information our plugin badge icon will display a check mark signaling the presence of contact information. The automatic checking and signaling of contact information is why our extension requires access to the supported websites.

If you are not comfortable allowing access to any of the websites you can disable specific website access via your browser's extension management page. Our plugin will still function manually by clicking on the badge icon but you will not automatically receive a check mark if contact information is present (the automatic check mark is enabled by using the website specific permission).

We hope this sheds light on our browser plugin's permissions. If you have any questions about our plugin or service, we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line any time!

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