Data and product improvements.

A look at product progress in Q4, 2023.

What's New?

Here are some key highlights:

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Updated Dataset

In Q4 of this year our database went from 540 million unique profiles to over 811 million. In addition to the new profiles we have updated hundreds of millions of profiles. Updated fields include:

What do these updates mean for you? Our overall match rate has gone up 25% and our email and phone number finding rates have gone up 10% on average.

Get Started

When you log in you are now presented with a new getting started page. The page shows your current usage and a number of actions you can perform.

The quick action links make it easier to grab our browser extension, leverage our people search, use our bulk enrichment feature, invite team members, find relevant apis and more.

A look at the new getting started page.

The search results view and functionality has been updated. You no longer need to click on a result to preview or view a person's contact details. The search result cards display a preview for each result.

To unlock the person's contact information you can easily click the unlock button from the search results page. You can also visit each person's social profiles right from the search results page.

We have also added a multi-select feature on the search results. You can now select multiple (or all) people and add them to a folder within Nymeria, or export immediately in CSV or JSON.

A look at our updated search results page.

Additional Changes

We have made additional changes to our bulk enrichment and bulk verification features as well as our folders.

The folder and enrichment pages mirror the presentation of the search results making the experience more seamless and familiar across the web application.

Fixes and Improvements

Finally, we have made a number of bug fixes and improvements internally. These fixes and updates have had notable impact on our service and platform.

Got feedback or ideas?

We have always valued user feedback and leveraged feedback to improve our product and service. Nymeria's success has come from listening to our users and shaping the product our users want and need. If you have any feedback or ideas, we absolutely want to hear about it. You can reach out to us anytime.

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