Easily organize your data and take it with you.

Folders make organizing contact data a breeze. Easily add contacts to folders from the browser plugin or our web platform. Folders can be exported and the data can be used wherever you see fit.

A folder within Nymeria to store and organize contacts.

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Why Nymeria?

If you need to connect with someone, Nymeria is for you.

Our database is not limited to any industry or geographic location. Teams use Nymeria to contact journalists, doctors, web developers, engineers, executives and more all around the world.

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Global Coverage

Get fresh emails, phone numbers, social profiles, work history, education and location history for over 811 million people all over the world.

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Fresh Data

Our data pipeline works around the clock. Hundreds of millions of profiles are updated every month ensuring you have up-to-date information.

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Our Platform

Works well as an individual user, small team or a large enterprise.

All accounts feature unlimited team members. Invite as many users as you want or work alone.

  • All team members share a single pool of credits (the account owner's credits).
  • If the same contact is unlocked within a 30 day window only a single credit is consumed regardless of who unlocked it.
  • The team owner can specify team admins to help manage the team. Admins can generate team reports and manage users.

Data & Privacy

Everyone's mind is on data and privacy. We've got you covered.

We have engineered Nymeria with data and privacy in mind from the ground up. We use the strictest data policy and security practices.

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GDPR Compliant

When GDPR was first announced we completely engineered our data collection and handling to be 100% compliant.

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CCPA Compliant

Our data handling and processing is also compliant with the CCPA. Furthermore, we extend all data rights to individuals regardless of their home country or state.

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